Focus Area 5A3 Issues in Australian Environments

Geographical issues

Geographical issues affecting Australian environments including:
    • air quality
    • coastal management
    • land and water management
    • spatial inequality
    • urban growth and decline
    • waste management
Students learn to:
  • describe each geographical issue in relation to:
    • its nature
    • its impacts
    • the responses by individuals, groups and governments to the issue
  • outline how a range of geographical issues are affecting Australian environments

At least TWO geographical issues affecting Australian environments, selected from the list above (one study must include fieldwork):

The geographical processes relevant to the issue
The perceptions of different groups about the issue
Individual, group and government responses to the issue
Decision-making processes involved in the management of the issue
Management of the issue and implications for sustainability, social justice and equity
Students learn to:
  • explain the interaction of the physical and human elements of the environment
  • recognise the responsibility of the levels of government to the issue
  • propose actions that promote:
    • sustainability
    • social justice
    • equity
  • evaluate the success of individuals, groups and the levels of government in managing the issue

Investigate a geographical issue through fieldwork by developing and implementing a research action plan
Students learn to:
  • develop a research action plan
  • apply fieldwork techniques
  • present geographical information in an appropriate format
  • demonstrate active citizenship by proposing individual/group action to address the issue