Topic 7 People Power and Politics in the Post-war Period

Section A is mandatory

Section A: Australia as a Global Citizen

Australia's role in the following:
    • United Nations, including UNESCO, and UN conventions
    • regional agreements, including Colombo Plan, APEC
Students learn to:
  • outline key developments in Australia's role within the UN in the post-war period
  • assess an achievement of Australia in its role within the UN
  • explain the purpose of Australia's regional agreements

Section B: a choice of ONE event/issue and related individual

Section B: People Power

Events/Issues and Individuals
    • Freedom Rides / Charles Perkins
    • Women's Liberation / Germaine Greer
    • Green bans / Jack Mundey
    • Whitlam dismissal / Sir John Kerr
    • Green politics / Bob Brown
    • Republicanism / Paul Keating
    • One Nation / Pauline Hanson
Students learn to:
  • examine the role of the significant individual in the chosen study
  • assess the significance of the chosen study for Australia in the post-war period

Section C: ONE Prime Minister and Policy

Section C: Prime Ministers and Policies

One Prime Minister in the post-war period
Students learn to:
  • outline and explain a major policy or issue of the term of office of the chosen Prime Minister
  • assess the contribution of the chosen Prime Minister to Australia's post-war development